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Heartworm facts.....
*Puppies can be started on heartworm prevention as young as 8 weeks. 
*Dogs need to be tested yearly for heartworms (even if they are on prevention).
*Tests can be done in office and only take 10 min to run.
*Heartworms come from mosquito bites. The mosquito has bitten an infected animal (even a wild animal such as a coyote or fox) and then injects the microfilaria in to your pet when bitten.
*Inside pets can get heartworms too!!
*It takes just one mosquito to cause heartworm disease.
*Treatment cost can cost 10-20 times MORE than just a years worth of prevention.
*Heartworms in the heart and lungs can grow up to 12 inches long!!!
*Monthly heartworm prevention also prevents intestinal parasites as well.
*Negative heartworm test required to start on prevention.
***Call today to have your pet tested and started on prevention. 706-657-7880.
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