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Did you know????

*A dog given a single dose of aspirin will have a GI bleed 100% of the time!

*Lilies are HIGHLY toxic to cats - chewing on just a single leaf, plant, or stem can cause acute kidney failure!

*Dogs have actually EVOLVED to digest starch. (According to Nature,

*The timing of the LAST puppy/kitten vaccine is the most important, not the number of puppy/kitten vaccines.

*Dog and cats (and other creatures, I suppose) can get DIABETES just like humans. (People are constantly surprised, unless they have had DM themselves.)

*Dogs and cats have baby teeth just like us and should lose these between 4-6 months as their adult teeth come in. You may never see the baby teeth fall out because they usually swallow them!

*"Doggy breath" is NOT normal - dental disease creates this bad odor and regular preventative care can keep it at bay.

*Parvo is not fatal if treated in early stages and it is entirely preventable with vaccinations.

*FEAR is the number ONE cause of aggression in dogs.

*The most important time to socialize a dog is between 6 and 14 weeks of age.

*Xylitol, a common sugarless sweetener, found is some gums and candies can KILL dogs.

*Your pet doesn't need to go outside to be exposed to RABIES, rabid bats can get inside a house!!

*Female spayed cats may spray to urine mark their territory, it's normal behavior.

*Heartworm larva exit the biting mosquito's mouth onto the skin and go down the hole just made by the mosquito bite.

*Dogs don't have collarbones, allowing them a longer stride and reach.

*Cats have free-floating collarbones, allowing them to squeeze through small openings.

*Cats do not meow/talk (hissing/screaming doesn't count) to other cats, only to people.

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