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Did you know????

A dog given a single dose of aspirin will have a GI bleed 100% of the time!

Lilies are HIGHLY toxic to cats - chewing on just a single leaf, plant, or stem can cause acute kidney failure!

Dogs have actually EVOLVED to digest starch. (According to Nature,

The timing of the LAST puppy/kitten vaccine is the most important, not the number of puppy/kitten vaccines.

Dog and cats (and other creatures, I suppose) can get DIABETES just like humans. (People are constantly surprised, unless they have had DM themselves.)

Dogs and cats have baby teeth just like us and should lose these between 4-6 months as their adult teeth come in. You may never see the baby teeth fall out because they usually swallow them!

"Doggy breath" is NOT normal - dental disease creates this bad odor and regular preventative care can keep it at bay.

Parvo is not fatal if treated in early stages and it is entirely preventable with vaccinations.

FEAR is the number ONE cause of aggression in dogs.

The most important time to socialize a dog is between 6 and 14 weeks of age.

Xylitol, a common sugarless sweetener, found is some gums and candies can KILL dogs.

Your pet doesn't need to go outside to be exposed to RABIES, rabid bats can get inside a house!!

Female spayed cats may spray to urine mark their territory, it's normal behavior.

Heartworm larva exit the biting mosquito's mouth onto the skin and go down the hole just made by the mosquito bite.

Dogs don't have collarbones, allowing them a longer stride and reach.

Cats have free-floating collarbones, allowing them to squeeze through small openings.

Cats do not meow/talk (hissing/screaming doesn't count) to other cats, only to people.

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