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Dade County Animal Hospital - Caring for God's Creatures... Large and Small
Our staff prides itself in keeping our customers and their pets satisfied.
DCAH is now owned by Dr. Nick Weldon, DVM.  He is a 2006 graduate from Auburn University.  Dr. Weldon enjoyed doing his internship here at DCAH during the summers of 1998-2001.  He then started as a Veterinarian here from 2006-2009.  Dr. Weldon then left to practice in Wyoming. He returned to the tri-state area and bought the practice from Dr. McKaig in September of 2011.
Dr. Robert McKaig graduated from the University of Georgia in 1978. He opened DCAH practice on September 1, 1978.  He moved to our current location in 1989.
Dr. McKaig is semi-retired and only works part time these days. He enjoys baby sitting grandkids the rest of the time! 

Dr. Jeremy Collins is a 2007 graduate from Auburn University.  He lives at Three Circles Foundation in Summerville, GA.  He has been actively practicing at our clinic since October 2011. Dr Collins and his wife Danielle now have 2 little girls, Liza June and "Dasa."
Dr. Collins is no longer at our practice. He is now full time in the mission field at Three Circles Foundation. Find out more at

Dr. German graduated veterinary school From Auburn University (No. 1 in the nation both alphabetically and otherwiseJ) in 2011. She joined the practice full-time in September of 2017. Her and her husband have 2 amazing children, Lucas and Ella. In her spare time she volunteers for her local youth recreation association and is an avid reader. She loves working on all small animals, including exotics such as guinea pigs, reptiles, and some avian.

Tiffany O'Dell, Technician, lives in Henegar, AL.  She has worked here at the clinic since October, 2011. This has been Tiffany's dream job since she was a small child!! She currently runs her own breeding kennel when she isn't working at the clinic. Tiffany's amazing amount of love for all animals makes her a great member of our team. Tiffany just got married in November 2017.

Jennifer Mcbryar Shrum, technician/receptionist, is a resident of Dade County.  She graduated from Dade County High School in 1992.  She has been employed with DCAH since March 2013.  Jennifer enjoys the outdoors and has a passion for animals.  She has 2 dogs, Nala and Razor, 3 goats, chickens and ducks.  Jennifer and her husband Tim have 1 daughter.  Jennifer's soft spoken voice and kind personality make for a great employee here with us....we are fortunate to have her here.

Lindsey Tolliver, receptionist, is a resident of Bryant, AL. She graduated from NSM High School in 2002. She was married in July 2014.  Lindsey and her husband, Seth, have a daughter who is an animal lover and basketball player. Lindsey has been employed with DCAH since September 2014. She has lived on a farm all of her life and loves animals. She and Seth have a small self-functioning farm.

Angela Lovett, receptionist, is a resident of South Pittsburgh, TN. She recently moved to the area from South Carolina, where she worked at another vet clinic. In her spare time she loves to be supporting her husband Travis and daughter Logan in all their rock climbing and buggy riding adventures.

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